Herb Garden Lu & Tiree Chmelar

The beginnings of the Herb Garden in Valtice go back to 2004. The main iniciators of the project were Tiree a Lubomir Chmelar of the USA, who had long promoted the Lednice-Valtice Area throughout the world. The Herb Garden is supported by American foundations due to Tiree a Lubomir since beginning. Tiree Chmelar, sadly, didn’t live to see the opening of the garden, which is now dedicated to her memory.

A unique garden with over 300 species of herbs, located within the Lednice-Valtice Area, an UNESCO World Heritage Site. Visit this place of learning, beauty and inspiration, the first garden to showcase natural principals of care in the Czech Republic.

The garden, with its ornamental beds, can be an inspiration for your own flower garden, while children can enjoy the sandbox and use watering cans to water the herbs. Beds with information panels explain the application of medicinal herbs. Other themes include herbal aphrodisiacs, herbs of legends and mythology, dyer’s herbs, and herbs used in aromatherapy and in the kitchen.