Our Garden


Our garden is a living collection of herbs, a place of inspiration, exploration and the advancement of knowledge about plants, a place for recreation and children’s games. It is a place to meet with your friends and family, a place where you can simply sit around and relax.

Our mission is to possibly capture the widest spectrum of visitors and tourists, from those interested in the realm of plants, for whom the educational part of the theme gardens was designed, all the way to families with children who can play and sit around the sandbox in the shady part of the garden, or frolic around the watering wall with watering cans, or shop for herbs and souvenirs at the little garden shop.

A new attraction this year will be the „edible“ garden, where you can employ your sense of taste and sample fast growing herbs suitable for early harvest. Come and have a nibble!

Educational theme beds present mainly medicinal herbs but also herbal aphrodisiacs, herbs of legends and mythology, dyer’s herbs, and herbs used in aromatherapy and in the kitchen.

The garden is managed by The Tiree Chmelar Herb Garden association in Valtice.

Nature Garden Without Borders


Thanks to the original design of the garden and the special care it is given, the Tiree Chmelar Herb Garden was chosen as the first Czech garden to be included in the project Nature Garden Without Borders. It is a mutual project by Czech and Austrian organizations implemented as part of the program of European Territorial Co-operation. Nature gardens are oases for people, animals and plants. The goal of the project is to preserve undisturbed natural environments by means of supporting nature-like gardens, and the natural care of plants. The regions involved in the project (Lower Austria, South Bohemia, The Highlands and South Moravia) will promote regional, sustainable “garden tourism” through an established network of showcase nature gardens. The rule for natural gardening is the exclusion of pesticides, easily-soluble mineral fertilizer and peatmoss, while promoting cultivation and care based on biological principles, such as mulching and composting.

Our Little Shop

Would you like to buy some herbs, herbal teas or souvenirs? Visit our little shop located in the greenhouse directly in the garden. It might happen that, because of great interest, some species of herbs will not be available at the time of your visit. If you are interested in a particular herb, please call ahead.

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